Introduction: Dr Strange Movie Cosplay With Props

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Well...... I had to make a Duo Day Costume for my school so i decided to use Dr. Strange and Mordo. I based off my costume on the new movie so i thought it was pretty good so i hope you'll enjoy.

So for the costume you will need:

- Dark blue dress shirt ( long sleeve)

- Dark Blue pants ( long )

- 86 in. dark blue curtain

- Black combat boots

- Brown cloth belt

- Black combat boots

- Red cape (with pop up collar)

- Black and white face paint

- Wooden hangar clips

- Cardboard( lots )

- Metallic gold spray paint

- Eye of Agamotto Template

Step 1: Eye of Agamotto

first you have to print the eye of agamotto template twice to make it look 3D.

The you have to glue all the pieces to the cardboard to cut them out

You will only use the ones circled in the template

after they are glued to to the cardboard, you will cut them out with the x-acto knife

after this you will cut one of the large pieces as the weird hastag thing in the middle

then you will cut the rest into rings on the inside

then you put the eye lid into the center

then you glue all of the pieces together

use the video as reference


if you want to you can spray paint the Eye a little to make it look metallic

Step 2: Sling Ring

For the sling ring i used a lot of pictures off the internet as reference so you can change the look as you think best

First i took one of the wooden clips and tore it apart into the three parts it has:

The two wooden parts and the metal part

Discard the metal part ( its useless )

Then you cut the wooden parts at the length of the two fingers you are going to use it on

Next you glue them together

after this you use cardboard to make the actual ring part. You wrap the cardboard around the two fingers used and you glue them together onto the wooden parts

Then you spray paint the parts to make them look shiny and metallic

Step 3: Shirt and Tunic

I used a Dickies long sleeve work shirt and curtains for that part.

I put on my shirt, cut the curtains in half, and used one of them on each side of my body

I used safety pins so that the curtains would not slip

Then you tie the curtains together at your waist with your belt

The cape was kind of last minute and i just inverted a black vampire cape to the red side out and put it over everything and it looked good

but if you prefer an all red cape you can use red fabric paint to paint the cape

Step 4: Pants and Boots

i just found some of my dad's combat wear laying around and i used it but if you cant find this stuff you can use black jeans and black booted shoes

i dont think people will mind too much how this looks like

plus it will be hidden by the "tunic"

Step 5: Make Up

I based the make up on pictures of Dr. Strange so its legit

I used the white Face paint of the white hair and the black for the beard

I also used gel for my hair

Step 6: End

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and i hope to be making more so give me feed back for the next cosplay