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This is a design to build a replica of the Tardis from Dr. Who. It took me a day and a half to design. its finished design is 52mm by 52 mm by 104 mm. The detail is all the way down to the key lock and door handle. I would like to share this design with all that are interested in it.

Step 1: The Basic Design

This design was made using tinker cad, the design starts with a 48mm x 48mm X 95mm solid block.

Step 2: Creating the Insets for the Door Frame

this is done by creating a slab that is 40mm x 88mm x 2mm and turning it into a whole. Then setting it so it has 4mm

on each side of it and centered form top to bottom. and setting it flush on each of the four side. Once done group these five items together.

Step 3: Door Pannels

these are made with the same size panels as the last step, but is not turned into a hole. Next you will add a 1mm bar

to the center of this frame. Then create 8 equal panels 1mm deep and apply to the door panel equally spaced as holes. Once done Group this door panel together by its self. Carefully place these panels in the cutouts on the booth.

Group all of these together.

Step 4: Top Section

This is done by firs layering two square 2mm thick on top of each other. The first is 46mm square and the second is 42mm square. To that you will use the pyramid shape 40mm square by 2mm high. on the top of the pyramid you will place a 6mm square by 2mm thick in the center.

The crown was a little tricky to make. it is two circles with 4 1mm rods place between them. Then that was topped off with a half sphere and finally a paraboloid to make the top. Group all of these items together and shrink to fit the center on top of the roof. Then group the roof together. place it on top of the booth and shrink to fit.

Step 5: The Base

This is just a simple 52mm square by 2mm thick placed on the bottom of the booth. then group all of the items together.

Step 6: The Windows

This is created by creating a square the same size as the panels and inserting 6 equally spaced holes in it and grouping it together. Carefully set the windows in each of the eight panels and group the entire booth together.

Step 7: Adding the Text

Using the lettering first spell out " police " and "box" leaving space in the middle for the additional lettering.

Group these letters together for each word, again spell out the words "public" and "call" group these words together.

Shrink the words public and call and place them on top of each other. Group these words and shrink to fit in between the other two words. Group and shrink to fit on top of the booth.

Step 8: Final Step

add the door handle and lock. Then save and print.


if this seems like a lot of work here is the .stl file that will print the Tardis for you.

Let me know how it turned out for you, and please vote if you like it. Enjoy.............

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