Introduction: Dr.Who Bib

I made this Dr.Who bib for our friends first baby, who was born in September 2019. The couple is a huge Dr.Who fan, so as a "baby welcoming" gift, I gave them this handmade gift.

I used grey, 2 types of blue (light and darker), white, red, black and coppery colored threads for the main figures and in the end, when he was born I added the name with green thread and some stars with yellow.

I also needed a soft pencil, eraser, iron-on glue film, scissors.

I bought the bib from The Peacock and the Tortoise- Patchwork and Quilting Shop, but I think you can find it in any crafting shops or online.


  • Threads colors:

-light blue (Tardis)
-dark blue (Tardis)
-white (Tardis)
-black/dark grey (Tardis, K-9, Dalek)
-light grey (K-9)
-red (K-9)
-coppery (Dalek)

(optional: -yellow, -green for the stars and the name)

  • Pencil
  • Needle
  • Eraser
  • Iron-on glue film
  • Scissors
  • Bib

Step 1: The Tardis (Part 1)

I was unable to find a pattern online so I made my own.
I basically draw the contour with a soft pencil, which was quite easy and I could erase if it needed correction. The thread will eventually cover the light pencil contour.
I used the darker blue as the contour and for the 5 small (3x3) "boxes" on both sides, you can see it on the pictures.

Step 2: The Tardis (Part 2)

For the handle of the Tardis, I made a small french knot by twisting around the yellow thread on the needle twice and put it back to the nearest hole from where the thread came out, so it looks and feels a bit 3D.

I used the lighter blue thread for the contour of the windows and for the filling around the dark blue boxes.
I used the white thread to do the windows and the place of the writing on the front.

Step 3: The K-9

For the K-9 doggy, I used a light grey and dark grey/black thread, plus some red for the eyes.

I used the same technique as for the Tardis, I draw a contour according to a K-9 picture from the film. The main body and the head is made with the light grey thread and I used the french knot technique as at the handle of the Tardis on the ears of K-9, but I twisted twice as much on the needle as for the handle, so it is bigger and more visible.

The figure was too small so I was unable to write the "K-9" on the side, but I think it is recognizable enough, so I only used a darker grey/ black for the neck, side, and tail, using the same french knot effect at the end of the tail.

Step 4: The Dalek

And what else essential for all Dr.Who items? A Dalek.

As you can see from the picture, I still used the same technique, by using a soft pencil to draw a contour of the Dalek.

I used the black thread for the eyestick, the telescopic manipulation arm, the audio in/output electrostatic screen separators, the diagnostic data band, the fender, and the 8 sensor pods.
As you can see, I used the 3D/ french knot effect on the 8 sensor pods as well. On the sketch, you can see that I draw a big dot for it, but I only used the middle hole of these dots as I used the same technique as making a knot, but I twisted the thread 8 times around the needle and then put it back to the same hole as it came out from. I repeated this each time.
Then I used the coppery colored thread to do the rest of the Dalek, even around and "under" each of the pods.

I found the coppery colored thread hard to use as it was really stiff and falling apart in threads, so you choose something softer if you can. However, I found the look really realistic with this color.

Step 5: Final

The finishing touch was to add the name on the top and some stars for decoration.
To fix the creation, I ironed a hot melt iron-on film on the back to protect the stitches and sprayed to the outer part with eco-friendly and baby-friendly water-repellent spray to make it easier to clean.

If you have any question, just let me know :)

I hope you enjoyed it.

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