Introduction: Dragon Ball Z

Supper Cool hand made pencil toppers.

Are just the thing you need for a birthday party

perfect for adding that finishing toach to your pencils.

Pencils toppers are topped with cool designs with they favorite cartoon characters.

Step 1: Materials:

Foam sheets

Colors Yellow and skin tone



Hot glue gun & glue sticks




Apple Barrel acrylic paint white, green, yellow

Painting Brushes

Favorite cartoon templates

Step 2: Instructions:

Start draw the "Trunks" Caracter in paper

cut the template

trace around it on the yellow foam for the head

& skin tone for the face

draw the face on skin tone foam with a pencil first and paint the eyes

next Cutting the foam template

for the head fold the head in half along the center and make one scissors snips

this is where the pencil will go.

Cut the face and the head and draw with a pen or sharpie (regular markers will bleed and ruin your design,

so definitely go with a sharpie).

Step 3:

next slide the pencil trough the snip

and glue the face in top of the yellow piece to get this.

Now you have your own Special Pencil Topper! "TRUNKS"

Step 4: More Pencil Toppers

I add more pencil toppers ideas for your Birthday Party!