Introduction: Dragon Origami

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Hello~ this is my first Instructables .. and i hope you guys and gals understand what I'm talking about over all the steps. ^^

Step 1: What You Need

Hello~ this is my first Instructables^^ 1. a squared paper (your favourite color)
2. and ofcourse you hand
these are the things you need

Step 2: The Wings

1.fold your paper into a triangle then open it up
2.then fold your paper into a triangle again ( the opposite way) open it up again
3. then fold your paper into a rectangle and the opposite way
4.fold every corner into a kite...look at the pictures it would be more easier to understand

Step 3: The Wings

1.fold your paper into a star ...just look at the 1st picture
2.then turn it over then, grab the sides then fold the flap down then do the same on the other side
3. right now i cant help you with words so I hope you understand just by looking at the picture.( sorry~)

Step 4: The Foot and the Belly Part

1.I'am terribly sorry that I can't explain the whole steps into words x_x but I will try to explain it in words
2.In picture 3 you turn your paper over
3. then fold all of your four corners then pull open your up the bottom part of the paper and the other side
4.fold your paper in half

Step 5: The Neck and Tail....and Wings

1.Fold down one of your long flap...or..the long side of your paper
2. then fold it in half to make the neck or tail skinnier do the same to the other tail..or neck
3.fold the two tail and neck up
4. then fold your flappy wings on the side in half
5. fold your neck so you can make your face and fold the tip again so it will be your horn
6.fold your tail about three times. and wala~!

Step 6: Enjoy and Thank You