Introduction: How to Make a Change Pocket Just on Your Duct Tape Wallet

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Hi~ everyone this is my 2nd instructables and I hope you guys like it and understand every step.

Step 1: The Things You Need

1.Just your favourite color tape (I used black)but it hasto be just tape it can not be any other tape or it will turn out sticky (in my expierience)
3.a duct tape wallet
4. your hand
5.and a duct tape your favourite color

Step 2: Your Half Way There

1. on your pocket wallet find a place to make your pocket wallet
2. now get some tape ( not the duct tape, the other tape)and get as long as you want this will be your pockets width and wide(is that right?what i just said? width..and wide ....well anyways haha) tape it on to your wallet and just cut a little tiny bit on the corners.

Step 3: Your Half Way There

1.get a tape (not duct tape, the other tape)and cut out a tape thats long as your pockets wideness sticky side up and another wide long tape sticky side down. make one or two more of that(I made 1) tape it on.........i am terribly sorry again ......uh......idk how to explain again.....ㅠㅠ
3.Now finally~ get the D.U.C.T . T.A.P.E cut your duct tape as long as your width cut as many as you want ( I cutted about 3 of them)now fold them in half (sticky side to sticky side) them together (sorry i cant explain it again) but Ill try to explain honestly i used some glue because it didnt work out without glue.

Step 4: Could Be the Easy Part and the Hard Part

1.get a tape not the duct tape
2.cut how long as you want the top cover to be (sticky side to sticky side)(now try squishing your coin pocket.)

Step 5: Please Enjoy I Hope You Liked It