Introduction: Dragonfly Origami

This is how to make a simple dragonfly origami.


1 Triangle piece of paper

1 Pair of scissors

Step 1: Fold in Half

After folding in half, unfold.

Step 2: Fold Down Center Line

Repeat with the left side and unfold.

Step 3: Fold Up the Center Line

Repeat with the left side and then unfold.

Step 4: Fold Across the Center

Turn the paper so that it points down and fold up so that the lines are even. Unfold and repeat with the left side.

Step 5: Pinch With Two Fingers and Fold

After pinching, fold towards the longer side. Repeat with the left side.

Step 6: Fold the Wings Up.

Do this with both sides and then turn over the paper.

Step 7: Fold Down Center Line

Repeat with the left side.

Step 8: Cut the Wings

Using the scissors, cut the wing until the point where the paper overlaps.

Step 9: Fold Wings Down

Fold the wings down so that the other color can be seen. This will be how the wings look at the very end.

Step 10: Fold the Head Towards the Tail

Fold the head in a straight line back towards the tail.

Step 11: Fold in Half

Fold the entire dragonfly in half so that the top of wings are towards each other.

Step 12: Fold the Wings Down

On both sides fold the wings down.

Step 13: Fold the Head Back

Fold the head back towards the tail on both sides.

Step 14: Enjoy Your Finished Dragonfly

Make sure all folds are well-creased and voila.