Introduction: Dramatic Make-Up

About: In case you were wondering, Griffy is my sweet, adorable wire-haired dachshund!

Step 1: Prep

Pull hair away from face. If you want, add any lotions or moisturizers that you may need or want. If you need primer or want primer, you can apply that too.

Step 2: Skin

Apply blush to the apple of each cheek. Use one that brings out your skin tone.

Step 3: Eyes

Apply shadow to each lid, and use liner and mascara. It's a good idea to use the smokey eye style. Touch up your brows if you want.

Step 4: Lips

If you want to apply chap-stick, then you can. Use a dramatic color like red or purple.

Step 5: Remove

Lotion takes make-up off in less than a few minutes, or even less than a minute.