Introduction: Dramatic Purple Make Up Look

Hey guys this was my first attempt at dramatic purple make up, hope you guys enjoy my short video on it

Purple Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016/Mardi Gras make up 2016

1 Apply Foundation evenly on face

2 do your eye brows using dark brown eyeliner pencil and clean it up using La Girl pro concealer in the shade beautiful bronze

3 Apply La Girl Pro Primer in the shade nude to eye lid and blend it in using fingers or small blending brush

4 Apply Matte Brown eye shadow using a fluffy blending brush to the transition area

5 Using La Girl Black eyeliner pencil, stencil out a large wing to the edge of your eye lid

6 Using black liquid eyeliner draw out a large wing liner and fill it in with same black liner

7 Using LA Girl Dual purple eyeliner stick, apply the darker shade of purple on the lid as seen in the video

8 Apply dark purple eyeshadow to the outer half of the eyelid in a patting motion using a flat eyeshadow brush

9 Apply lighter purple eyeshadow shade to the inner part of the eye lid with a flat blending brush, use a patting motion.

10 Using a small blending eyeshadow brush apply black eyeshadow to the outer crease of eyelid and gently sweep it into 2/3 of the eye crease, blend in properly

11 Apply black La Girl eyeliner to the water line area and below the waterline

12 Smudge out eyeliner on the lower lash line using an angle brush

13 Spray Fix it spray onto small angle brush

14 Use same brush to apply Splash Shimmery Beach eyeshadow to the tear drop area

15 Apply black liquid Liner to the upper eye lid

16 Apply Mascara to both lower and upper eyelashes. I used Jordana extreme lash

17 Highlight and conceal shin discolorations below eyes, foerhead, cupid's bow and chin using La Girl Pro Concealer in the shade beautiful bronze

18 Blend in concealer using beauty blender, make up brush or foundation brush

19 Apply Sasha Cosmetics Butter cup using a make up sponge to the nose bridge, forehead, below the eyes, cupid's bow and chin area

20 Blend it out using a powder brush 21 Apply Matte Brown Eyeshadow as contour to the lower check bone and all the areas seen in the video

22 Blend in contour

23 Apply La Girl Ebony powder to the face using a powder brush

24 Using City Colour blush quad , Apply the the berry shade

25 Apply Highlight and blend it in

26 Using La Girl purple eyeliner to line the lips

27 Apply Sasha Cosmetics mate purple to inner lip

28 Apply Mary Kay lip gloss to lips to complete the look