Introduction: Drawer Just Won't Stay Shut

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About 2 years plus ago, I re-modeled the entire kitchen.

In the process, I made all the lower cabinets pull out drawers. They actually work great and utilize the under counter cabinet space very well.

Since I designed and built these, there was always a chance, that over time, things may not always perform as new. Heck, if these were store bought, issues can always arise.

My issue began a few moths ago. The drawers (I call them drawers) would open from the vibration of people walking or a mouse passing wind, or whatever.

Needless to say, this is aggravating.

So, here is my fix.


You will need access to a 3D Printer, a #8 x 1/2" Pan Head Wood Screw, A screwdriver.

Step 1: The Design

In 15 Minutes, I had this designed in Free Cad.

2 minutes later it was sliced in Cura

48 minutes later, I had the part in my hand

Could I have went to Lowes or Home Depot and found this bracket? Maybe. But this cost $0.25 to print. And I can say I did it from a spool of plastic.

Step 2: Add It to the Drawer Front

Align the piece to the edge of the cabinet. I like these to be at the top, I suppose you could hide these under, but that would mean standing on your head to install.

Once you locate the part close to where it needs to be, mark the location. You could pre-drill the hole. I didn't.

Snug the screw so that you can still adjust the piece.

The goal is to have the leading edge of the piece just barely not touch the edge of the cabinet. once you have this, tighten the screw down. Test it. It should make a satisfying "ZIIIPPP" sound as the 3D printed layers interact with the cabinet edge.

Step 3: Conclusion

Will anyone but me ever need this? Probably not. But, that is not the point.

The Point of this whole Contest is to show how to fix something. We all have issues that need fixed. Life is full of them. If you are Hungry, you fix that by eating. Tired? Rest. Something is broken? Fix it.

I had a drawer or 4 that would not stay closed. I fixed it. And, in this Instructable, you can see how easy it is to make that happen in your life too.

STL file is attached if you do need one...someday

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