Introduction: Drawer Organizer

About: I like making things that help people out so maybe I will help you out to so stick around to find out .
Have you ever wandered into the bathroom at night and reached for something in your drawer but can't find it ? Well this is the solution . The drawer organizer is a product I made with scraps I had laying around .
Materials and tools are as follows .

Scrap lumber not giving any dimensions due to different sizes of drawers

Coping saw
Dremel with sanding drum
Tiny nails
Drill bit smaller than your nail
Wood glue
Table saw optional
Miter saw optional
Clamps optional but very helpful

Now let get working

Step 1: Plan

I did not use a plan because when ever I draw one up I never can follow it later . But if you want to you can draw a plan . I took measurements of the width and length and of the longest thing in the drawer which will probably be toothpaste for all of us .

Step 2: Cut

Now that you have your plans or don't . You can cut your wood to length now . I find it easiest to clamp down the wood with two clamps and cut with saw . If I could change one thing it would be to cut the wood with a band saw or my scrolls saw but the coping saw works well to . I would cut down to the depth I wanted then knock out the rest with a chisel and jointers mallet . If the cuts were to narrow I would use a dremel with a sanding drum to make it snug .

Step 3: Join

There's not much to explain here but I drilled pilot holes in the wood and used wood glue and small nails to join the pieces . Some where tight enough to not have to use nails but I did anyway . Next you can sand a did not take any pictures of this step but sand with a electric sander or by hand . 4 of my nails went through a little bit but that ain't no problem with a dremel and grinding wheel .

Step 4: Paint

After I was done sanding I painted with some white paint . You could use any color you want but white matched best I think . Be sure to use proper ventilation .

Step 5: Enjoy

Mine took a little trimming to fit but I got a nice snug fit . Once it was in I figured out the best way to organize everything that's it . I did this all in about 4 hours so for free this turned out good . Enjoy