Introduction: Drawer Organizer

Use Amazon boxes and give them a new purpose with this drawer, which can be used to organize anything.

Step 1: Base for Drawer


*Larger box

*Extra boxes

*Exacto knife




Step 2: Choose Box

Choose a larger box and smaller box that approximately fits inside. Using the larger box we will create the base for the drawer organizer.

Step 3: Trace All Sides of Larger Box

Trace the top and bottom twice, so you end up with four big squares.

Only trace the sides once. For Side 1 and Side 2 cut two slits at the end and cut.

Step 4: Cut Opening for Drawer

Trace the back of the smaller box with a sharpie on the front of the larger box.

Using an exacto knife cut the opening.

Step 5: Glue Pieces

Glue the traced and cut pieces to corresponding sides of the box. For Side 1 and Side 2 fold over flaps into the opening of the base.

Step 6: Drawer Sliders

With excess cardboard create drawer slides by cutting two rectangular pieces and fold in center. Glue to bottom sides of the base.

Step 7: Drawer


*smaller box

*exacto knife

*recycled travel size bottles

*Duck tape




Step 8: Cut Opening

Using an exacto knife cut an opening for the drawer.

Step 9: Adjust (if Needed)

If the smaller box does not fit into base opening adjust by cutting off part of the front and back. DO NOT cut bottom flap!

Use the flap to rebuild drawer frame.

Step 10: Drawer Knobs

Cut small incisions for drawer knobs into the front of the box. Push travel caps through the incision a screw in place. Add glue to secure if needed.

Step 11: Tape Inside of Drawer

To give a cleaner finish cover inside of the drawer with a tape of choice.

Step 12: Customize

You can stop now or customize as you want. I chose to spray paint my drawer and color my knobs with acrylic paint.

Step 13: Final Product

Drawer organizer which can be used for the desk, nights stand, or even clothes!