Introduction: Drawing Anthros/Furries

Ok, so I'm improving my drawing, and I decided I would try helping those who have yet to improve as I have!  So here's some tutorials I made up and originally posted on DeviantArt.  Eachstep/page is its own tutorial, all you need should be there.  If you need anyhelp, ask away!!!

Btw, this is a work in progress, I will hopefully add more tutorials soon, maybe once I've moved into my new house...

(the pic below was a request for Badxwolf on DeviantArt, and I realize the pic it tilted to the right, his left, it was a mistake...)

Step 1: Digitigrade Legs Tutorial

This is how I draw digitigrade legs.

The original tutorial is here:

Need help?  Ask away!

Step 2: Paw-Hand Tutorial


Yes, I realize some of the hands look a bit crapped up.  That's what happens when you rush yourself.  Let that be another lesson "DON'T RUSH ART!!!"

The original tutorial can be found here: