Drawing Board _ Implicit Learning of Drawing Skills

Introduction: Drawing Board _ Implicit Learning of Drawing Skills

This Drawing Board is a tool to learn and practice basic drawing skills.

It helps you to learn how to draw simple geometric forms since these build the basis for complex illustrations. (See e.g. Walt Disneys fantastic illustrations.)

Step 1: Usage

The hollows guide your hand to draw straight lines, circles, and ellipses.

Of course, it needs some time and practice to get into sketching, but the more often you practice the better you will become.

While practicing, so to say moving the hand and arm the right way, you will internalize the correct movements that you finally can draw perfectly ;) without the drawing board.

Step 2: Construction

All you need is MDF (420mm x 300mm x 10mm) which you obtain in any hardware store.

Download the CAD file, go to a fablab (or similar) to mill it via CNC.

If you have got some improvements, feel free to adapt or change the board.

Have fun!

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