Introduction: Drawing Quick Guide 1

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Heres is a quike guide to drawing the face. I use this when I have no real reference on hand plus its good practice to learning propotions.

Step 1: Starting Point

Start by drawing a circle. Mark the center with a cross. The circle give us the base size of our face. The cross in the center is our first landmark. Indicating the area where the eyebrow sits.

Step 2: Seperating Sections

Now that we know where the center is we can divide the head into section. Note the orange rectangule is one section (Top of the head) by adding two more sets of rectangle we get 3 section. Which represents the area where the eyes ,nose & mouth will be located.

Step 3: More Landmarks

In the first image I have added a red line to indicate the center. When drawing the eyes they should sit above this red line.

In the second image you can see I have now added another red line in the third section. The mouth should sit on top of this line.

The nose just sits on the lower part of the middle section (purple).

Next I half the space between the middle section (purple & blue) and red lines. Indicated by the green marks.

This represents the upper part of the eyes and mouth. Going higher will distorted the face proportion.

Notice that i can now use the green marks as Landmarks to determine the height in which the ears will sit.

I hope you have found this helpful.
if you have any question leave a comment.

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