Introduction: Drawstring Backpack

This is a great little backpack/sack that draws closed at the top.

The original pattern for this backpack is here: but the instructions were so unclear I made an instructable. It's a great project but doesn't make sense the way it's written.

Step 1: Materials

(directly from the original pattern)
5/8 yd. fabric (bag)
1/2 yd. lining fabric

Cut one piece of fabric 14" x 36" for bag. Cut two straps 2 1/2" x 33". Cut two pieces for bag lining 14" x 15 1/2".

Step 2: Make Straps

Sew strap pieces by folding in half and stitching and turning right side out (use a safety pin to help turn)

Step 3: Sew Lining to Outer Fabric

With right sides together, sew lining (white in my photos) to outside fabric (orange). The 14" edges will match up.

Step 4: Sew Edges of Bag

Fold in half and pin. Pin straps on opposite sides of the bag on the outer fabric right at the point where it meets the lining (see photo. Pin one on the front and one on the back.

Stitch from folded edge of outer fabric up, through strap and then backstitch and stop. Skip over 1.5 inches and start sewing again along lining and around corner. Stop a few inches along the short edge of the lining (so there is a gap in the stitching at the bottom)

Step 5: Turn Right Side Out

Through the hole in the bottom of the lining, turn right side out. Pull straps through holes left in edges. The outer fabric will turn into the inside about 1.5 inches. Stitch all the way around the bag along the line between the outer and the lining to make the casing.

Step 6: Finish Straps

Thread the straps through the casing in opposite directions. The straps will end up on the opposite sides of the bag from where they started.

Then turn in ends of straps (to cover up rough edges) and pin to bottom corners of bag and stitch.

Step 7: All Done

Be sure to look at the original pattern to fill in the holes in these instructions. Hope they make sense. I didn't do the basting suggested in the original, not sure if that was important.

Happy backpack making,