Introduction: Dream Came True.

Children needs variety of activities in holidays ,do not isolate your skills and creativity. Idea to build a dream doll house was initiated.


Card Board Cartons



Wrapping paper

Pictures from used books

Measuring tape

Step 1:

Collect empty cartons,

1: 3 thick cartons of equal size for side walls of the house

2: 2 thin cartons for the roof

Step 2:

Start building the ground floor, join the thick cardboard with tape for three walls of the house

Put selected pictures on the walls for (before standing the structure) making it lively with uhu stick to make the interior lively.

Step 3:

Put the roof covered with colourful paper and the front door of the house.

Step 4:

Cover the front door and window with coloured paper. House without the door will not be safe.

Step 5:

It can not be a dream house without kitchen and Top floor. Use a small carton for roof of the terrace and enjoy the fresh air and rain.

Select a small carton for kitchen shelves and cover it with bright paper.

Step 6:

The fully furnished spacious Dream House is ready and dolls can come.

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