Introduction: Dream Catcher

This dream catcher will embellish your nights and your interior decoration. It is quite simple to carry out, it is enough a little patience, the complete realization took me an hour. The circles can be collected on lampshades, bracelets ...

I now let you discover all the stages of making this dream catcher.


- Big circle (diameter: 40 cm)

- Small circle (diameter: 8 cm) oo heart shaped

- White wool

- Red wool

- 10 feathers

- 1 small hanging ring (diameter: 1,5 cm )

- 5 clasp

- Transparent wire (like fishing line)

- Pliers (cutting and flat)

- Scissors

Step 1: Equipment

Step 2: The Heart

1- Make a notch on the circle with the wire cutters. (Picture 1)

2- Fold the circle opposite the incision to form the bottom of the heart. (Picture 2)

3- Slightly flatten the sides of the heart. (Picture 3)

4- Curl the ends to finish forming the top of the heart. (Picture 4)

Step 3: Heart Wrapping

To start you need to form a small coil of wool that can pass through the heart.

Then you have to tie the wool with a simple knot at the base of the heart,then wrap around the heart with the wool.

Once finished with the same piece of wool without cutting it you can make random traces in the heart, fill it or leave it empty. Once finished you just need to tie a knot and leave it aside.

All along the realization so that my knots do not move I put hairspray on it.

Step 4: The Big Circle

For this step you need the big circle, the red wool and the hanging ring.

To attach the small ring you just have to pass a loop of wool inside and pass the ring through the loop. (Picture 1)

Then make a knot on the large circle (Picture 2), then wrap the wool around the circle. At the end make a knot then cut the excess wool.

Step 5: Braiding

For this step you need the large circle made in the previous step and white wool.

First make a smallf white wool spool. Then tie the wool at the small ring with a knot. (Picture 1)

To start braiding, you will have to circle the circle, doing as shown in the photos 1,2,3. it is necessary to pass on the circle then from the back pass between the circle and the thread, then to start again on all the turn while trying to make the braiding in a regular way that each length of wool evening roughly equivalent.

Once the first round is done (Picture 5) start again starting from the first braiding line by placing the knot in the center of each white (Picture 6.7) thread then continue until the hole in the center is the right size to place the heart. (Picture 8)

Fix the heart in the center with a transparent wire.(Picture 9)

Step 6: Feathers

For decoration you need 10 feathers, 5 white wool threads of about 20 cm or more depending on what shape you want to give them and the clasps.

Just put the feathers in pairs in a clasp and then tie a knot with the wool in the hole of the clasp. Once the 5 parts are done you can hang them on the big circle of the dream catcher where you want and the length you want, then cut the excess wool.

Step 7: Final Result

There it's finished !

You can do it in the color you want here is another example in gray and white.

You just have to hang it above your bed.

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