Introduction: Dremel Mini Drill

With these instructions we show you how to make your own hand drill.

Step 1: Materials

Materials to use.

1. A small motor, running at 5 volts

2. PVC pipe ¾´´

3. PVC stopper, for ¾´´ tube

4. Union for 1´´ tube, this taking into account the dimensions of the motor

5. 2 adapter for tube ¾´´ to 1´´

6. Wire

7. Female connector for source

8. A switch

9. Three pieces of cable 10´´, 7´´ and 3´´

10. Large syringe, avoid that it has been used for medical purposes, if possible it is not used

Step 2: Process

First of all, we are going to extract the motor from an old disused equipment, in our case it was from a rearview mirror, then we will cut the tube de ´´ of a manageable length the size of your hand, for our almost been approximately 5´´.

Then we will take the plug for tubo tube and we will make a hole to put the source connector, we have extracted our source connector from a damaged radio, we soldered two heavy cables, one with 10 '' that would reach one pole of the motor and the other with 3´´, the smallest we take it to one end of the switch and on the other side we have put 7´´ of cable that would go to the other side of the motor.

Before connecting the motor, at the other end of the PVC tube we will put the adapter from ¾´´ to 1´´, after this we will put the union for it had 1´´ now if we connect the motor and we introduce it in the union, then we will put the other adapter, but not before making some cuts to support the motor.

Step 3: Ending!!!!

Later with the head of a syringe created the clip of the cutting tape.

Finally we have reused several components of different equipment already used.

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