Introduction: Dressed Up Holiday Sprits!

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Fun to knit a little extra "dressing" for your holiday sprits, to decorate for an event or give as a gift!

Step 1: Supplies

white yarn
red yarn 
knitting needles
crochet hook
darning needle

Step 2: Begin Hat

Cast on 15 stitches, I used size 10.5 knitting needle

Step 3: Knit White

knit 6 rows with the white yarn, then tie on the red yarn

Step 4: Knit With Red

Knit 6 rows with the red yarn, then begin to decrease one stitch at the end of each row for 2 rows

Step 5:

then just knit a row, at this point you should have 11 stitches on needle. Continue to decrease one stitch at each end for 2 more rows, then knit a row.

Step 6:

Step 7:

tie off top of hat and pull out enough yarn to sew the back of the hat

Step 8:

sew a seam down the back of the hat

Step 9:

turn the hat right side out and fold up the bottom to create the white trim.

Step 10: Scarf

cast on 35 stitches for the scarf

Step 11:

knit 4 rows and bind off scarf, if you like add fringe!

Step 12:

dress up your bottle!
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