Driftwood Dragon




Introduction: Driftwood Dragon

The Good Life is a Process!

Hi my name is Pamela Buck,

I just LOVE driftwood and this is my first attempt to share some of my Driftwood Designs with you.

Please Enjoy and remember the sky is the limit!!!


Step 1: Gathering

Driftwood may be gathered anytime of year in Parksville B.C.

Step 2: Cleaning the Driftwood

Using a water based wash including some bleach for obvious reasons!

I also let the sunlight dry out the driftwood pieces once the wash is complete!

Step 3: Accessories Galore!

The sky is the limit when it comes to dressing your Dragon

Tip: Thrift Stores have tons of wonderful visual idea's that can add real character to your Driftwood Dragon!

Step 4: Tools

Depending on the size of your Dragon the tools that may help you are:

Air Gun Compressor - Really not that difficult to use! ( saying that please use safety and a reliable person to teach you. )

Hot Glue Gun - Comes in all shapes and sizes and you will soon have a favourite one if this becomes an obsession!

Take care of your hands while using any kind of tool!!

Step 5: Find a Special Place to Create!

Where ever you find piece and a place that your Dragon can grow into it's own is the place for you to create!

The pieces will come together like magic!!

That's what happens when you create a Dragon!


Step 6: Look Who Is Watching!

You never know who will be watching you!

Step 7: Detail

Pay attention to detail!

Even on the Tail!

Step 8: Name Your Driftwood Dragon

Every good Dragon deserves a Name!

DELLA - What do you think?

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Cool. I love the things that you can make with drift wood the shapes are just so interesting.


Tip 4 years ago on Step 5

Live in the moment and the moment will take you amazing places!