Introduction: Drill Press Shield

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For a while now I have been using my drill press with a wire wheel brush to remove surface rust from old tools I found in my Aunt's attic along with other old tools i had been given from other family members. I got tired of having to clean the dust off of my tools on the peg board or workbench. I had an extra walker from when I built my work bench chair and I looked like a good base for making a shield for my drill press.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Material List:

  • 1/8 inch particle board
  • walker
  • zip ties


  • Drill
  • 1/4 inch drill bit
  • Saber saw

Step 2: Sides

I started out by tracing the outside of the walker onto the particle board. I stopped just above the rubber feet on the bottom and at the top bar below the handle of the walker. I connected the lines at the bottom of the tracing and where I had some gaps from tracing around the walker. then I repeated the process for the other side. Don't forget to mark some places to drill holes for the zip ties to run through and go around the bars.

Step 3: Cutting and Drilling the Sides

I gonna tell you to use common sense when you cut the sides out for the shield. If you don't want to cut something then keep it away from the blade. If you don't want anything in your eyes then cover them with a see through material.

Follow the lines you drew on the board with the saber saw to cut the board out and then use the marks you made earlier to drill holes for the zip ties.

Step 4: Attaching the Sides

Now you are going to zip tie the sides to the walker and you are almost done.

Step 5: Top and Back

I have been hanging a towel on the front of the walker to block dust from getting out. Sometimes I will lay a towel across the top of the walker. This will probably be the my solution for the near future until I can find some more 1/8 inch board for the front of the walker. Also as an added bonus it works as a pretty good paint booth for small things to spray paint. All I do is put a piece of wood across the sides of the walker and hang whatever I am painting at the time.

Step 6: Adding the Back Piece

I built a new workbench (which should be up soon) and used the wood from my old workbench. On the old workbench I had some 1/8 board and decided to use it for the back of my drill press shield. So I traced out the back of the walker and marked some places where I thought I would drill some holes. I cut out the board and drilled some of the holes for the zip ties. Then I zip tied it to the walker like I did for the side pieces. You'll notice that the bottom of the back piece is not tied down and I have no reason why I did that.

Step 7: Upper Back Piece

After putting the back piece on I decided to cover up the space between the bars toward the top of the walker. So I repeated what I've been doing so far and cut it out and drilled some holes. Then like everything else it got zip tied into place.

Step 8:

Here I wanted to cover up the gap between the back panels. So, I used some duct tape. Nothing else to say here, it's pretty self explanatory.

Step 9: The Final Product