Introduction: Drink Carton Wallet

Recycle an old carton into a very Handy wallet. Waterproof , lasts for at least a year and the aluminium layer will keep your RFID secrets inside.

What you need:
• Drink carton (contents at least 1,5 L)
• Big thirst
• Scissors
• PVC tape
• Adhesive Velcro

Step 1: Pick Your Carton

Go to the supermarket or local delicatessen to find an interesting drink carton. It’s the packaging, not the contents that should make you want to buy it.

Step 2: Empty the Carton

Drink the contents, or offer someone else a drink?

Step 3: Flatten Carton

Step 4: Cut Off the Top, Below the Lid

Step 5: Rinse and Dry the Inside

Step 6: Cut Off Bottom

Step 7: Flatten Carton by Folding in Sides

Step 8: Check Your Layout

After folding one part will be the front, back or lid. Consider your options. And keep in mind: some things will end upside down!

Step 9: Use a Bank Card to Check the Size

Step 10: Make the First Fold, Making Sure the Part With the Lid Is Bigger!

Step 11: Cut ONE Layer of Carton to Size

Step 12: Cut the Middle Layer From the Side

Step 13: Make Sure the Back Stays in One Piece

Step 14: Cut According to Image

Step 15: Cut According to Image

Step 16: Fold According to Image

Step 17: Fold According to Image

Step 18: Your Future Wallet Compartments

Step 19: Use PVC Tape to Reinforce All Edges

Step 20: Neatly Fold the PVC Tape Inwards

Step 21: Cut Off Two Pieces of Velcro and Cut One in Half

Step 22: Position Velcro According to Image

Step 23: Fold According to Image, Press Hard

Step 24: Fold According to Image, Press Well

Step 25: End Result

Step 26: After One Year of Intensive Use