Introduction: Drinking Games 2.0

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This "instructable" is a compilation of two drinking games.

I got the idea when I saw Battleshots by armyofmike ( and Beer pong table by lpxav (

Step 1: The Idea

My plan was to combine the two games.

At first I made a sketch in Google SketchUp to get a visual image of the idea.
Like armyofmike and lpxav I wanted a game that could easily be stored away.

I made my sketches so that I would get two game boards from one 22 mm MDF-sheet (measures 2440*1220 mm)

Step 2: Materials

For the two games I used the following materials:

  • one 22 mm MDF-sheet (2440*1220 mm)
  • recycled 22 mm plywood for the ships
  • 6 mm dowls for marking the shots
  • masking tape
  • spray paint
  • brackets
  • door hook
  • wood glue


  • power drill
  • 6 mm drill
  • 50 mm hole saw
  • 80 mm hole saw
  • utility knife
  • jigsaw

Since I did not have a table saw I had the MDF-sheet cut at the store (60*60 cm).

Step 3: Measurements for Battleshots

The first step was measuring out the grid.

I chose to have 7*7 squares. The outer left row was for letters and the upper row was for numbers.

In two of the boards I drilled a whole in the middle of the remaining 6*6 squares for marking your shots.

Step 4: Painting

I don't have great experience in painting, so I bought some cheap spray paint and went for it.

Step one in painting was giving the boards the background colours - green for Beer pong and blue for Battleshots.

Then I used masking tape on the entire blue side followed by measuring out and drawing the grid for Battleshots. I removed the tape surrounding the squares and spray painted the area white to get a nice grid.

I painted the dowls two different colours (red and white) for marking when you either hit or missed your opponents ships.

Step 5: Battleshots Letters and Numbers

In the beginning I had hoped to find stickers with the letters and numbers I needed for Battleshots. However I could not find any in the right size. So I ended up cutting a template in a piece of cardboard and once more use the white spray paint.

Step 6: The Boats

For the ships I found some 22 mm plywood. I based the size of the ships on the size of the squares and made the ships one square wide and three squares long.

I assembled two pieces of plywood on top of each other so the ships would be 44 mm high. I used my jigsaw for sawing the outline of the ships and used the hole saw to make space for three shot glasses in each ship.

I still had a lot of spare wood and chose to upgrade the game by making mines aswell. When your opponent hits the mine he/she has to drink it. :)

Step 7: Beer Pong

For Beer pong I needed a triangle large enough to accomodate 10 cups. The size of this triangle depends on the kind of cups you would mainly be using.

As an extra feature I decorated the game with flamingos since our bar is called The Pink Flamingo Bar.

Step 8: Assembling

I used six cheap brackets for assembling the game and a door hook on the side in order to make the board stable when playing Battleshots.
A big shoutout to armyofmike and lpxav for the inspiration of these awesome games! The games are a huge succes in our bar and are used whenever the bar is open.

Step 9:

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