Drone Toy

Introduction: Drone Toy


My name is Usha.M.

I am from Whitefield nook.

I have done drone toy.

Now i will show how to make drone.

Let's see:

Step 1: Drone Toy


  • 6Ice cream sticks
  • 4 motors
  • 4 fans
  • 2 battery
  • wires
  • switch

Step 2: Drone Toy

How to make drone toy:


  • Take eight ice cream sticks and fix two-two ice cream sticks parallel.
  • And fix it like plus sign.
  • After fixing mark u shape at the corner and cut it in u shape.

Step 3: Drone Toy

Step 2:

  • After cutting the corners of ice cream sticks in u-shape of four sides .
  • Fix the motors to the u-shape of four sides and fix the fans to the motors.
  • Fix the wires to the motors of four sides and connect the other wires to the battery and switch.
  • When u on the switch the battery gets charge and it starts working
  • Now the drone toy is ready

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    Looks fun! How well does it fly; do you have a video?