Introduction: Drop Paradise

About: 17 year old Creator of "Drop Paradise" Theme parks and founder of DesignParks!

Welcome to "Drop Paradise" amusement park! All the rides and passengers are independently 3D modeled, hand-painted and individually glued together and down to the board. The park contains 15 rides and over 500 hundred drop characters (staff members + park citizens) plus a beautiful lake in the center!


  • 3D software (example: Fusion 360)
  • 3D printer
  • Printer Filament
  • Hot glue gun
  • Matte Acrylic paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Artificial grass
  • Pot + source of heat
  • Blue candles
  • Large piece of wood
  • Floor Vinyl Sticker Tiles (for the sidewalk)

Step 1: Look at Images

Search "Images of Amusement Park Rides" online ... optional (make a powerpoint) to organize your images!

Step 2: 3D Model Your Rides

I used Fusion 360 to model all my rides. Each ride is independently designed (this step requires a lot of effort, creativity and most importantly patience).

Step 3: Print Pieces

This step personally was the hardest (each ride is unique). For me it took 8 pieces for the smallest ride in my park to be printed and over 500 pieces for the Ferris wheel! This step requires TIME. *It can take anywhere from a few hours to weeks to print and assemble a single ride*

Step 4: Paint Drops (Optional)

Each drop is individually painted in 25 different colors for my park!

Step 5: Glue Pieces Together

Glue the printed ride pieces together (take your time and have fun), a hot glue gun works best!

Step 6: Get a Piece of Wood

Any type of wood works... also good to grab other materials like (grass, tiles, and vinyl stickers while you're out).

Step 7: Glue Pieces Down

A hot glue gun works best to stick 3D printed designs on wood. Cut out paper outlines to create a draft before sticking and gluing items down.

Step 8: Glue Drops Around the Park (optional)

Fun Fact: The drops are my own creation, created on my birthday!

Step 9: Making and Adding the Water

Heat up the candle (any shade of blue will work) in a pot and then pour it while it's hot onto the lake area then wait for it dry.

Step 10: Add Finishing Touches

All done!!!!!

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