Introduction: Dual Cameras Setup

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Do you hate it when you want to capture the fleeting moment with a different camera but all you do is juggling cameras, in and out of your bag? Then this guide is for you! It'll show you how to mount two cameras together with a few simple items and only a minute of your time.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Two cameras with 1/4 inch tripod. (most camera's tripod socket will be this size)
2. Double-sided 1/4" bolt. (you can also cut a head off the 1/4" bolt and use that instead)
3. Rubber o-ring

Step 2: Putting It Together

1. Screw the bolt in the first camera's tripod socket.
2. Place rubber o-ring on the bolt.
3. Screw the second camera on. Careful to not over tighten.
4. If the second camera pointing in wrong direction, add more rubber o-ring or washer.

Step 3: You've Made a Franken Camera. Now What?

The choices is your!

This is my favorite combination for the Franken camera:
- Fish-eye / wide angle and portrait lenses. For beautiful head-shot plus environmental portrait.
- Film and digital. For maximum AESTHETIC with digital redundancy.
- Portrait lenses and a video playing mobile phone. For photos of babies and pets.

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