Introduction: Duck Tape Drawstring Bag

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Build a fun bag in a couple of minutes!

Step 1: Materials

All you need is duck tape
I would suggest using fun colors or designs but all I had was regular silver.

Step 2: Mainframe

In this step all you do is make a frame for the main sheet of duck tape.

Step 3: Fill in the Sheet

Fill in the frame making sure all the strips overlap and are sticky side up.

Step 4: Fill in the Sheet PART 2

Cover the sticky side in duck tape sticky side down.

Step 5: Drawstring Cover

Take one piece of duck tape half on half off sticky side up and stick it onto one side of the sheet.

Step 6: Drawstring

Take a long piece of tape and fold it in half.

Step 7: Drawstring Secure

Put the string right under the sticky piece on the sheet. Fold that not over so the drawstring is in a tunnel. The tunnel is secured by the sticky piece. I reinforced the tunnel with another piece of duck tape.

Step 8: Seal It Up

Make the sheet into a circle and seal the seam. Then push the tube down into a rectangle. Seal the hole of the rectangle without the drawstring.

Step 9: DONE

It's finished so tighten your drawstrings and have fun with your new super compact drawstring bag!

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