Introduction: Duck Tape Rose

This is my first instructable so please tell me what i did wrong or right PLEASE!!!!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

Get a few different colors of duct tape or just one its your flower do what you want with it. get a straw and get your hands ready

Step 2: Start Your Flower

coverpart of the straw in any color you want leave a spot uncovered at the end for the flower. no matter what these people on here say the stem does not have to be green. then you can start making the pedals

Step 3: Making Pedals

first step to making a pedal is to take a strip of any size between 1/2 inch long to 4 inches long and folding one corner into about the middle of the strip

Step 4: Making Pedals

next you fold the other corner over to make a house like shape

Step 5:

with your first pedal you must roll it around itself to make in thin and round

Step 6:

next you take the rolled up pedal and stick it into the end of the straw that you did not cover up

Step 7: Its All About the Pedals

now you make and add more pedals but dont make the pedals as you go along because it hurts you thumb so much. just make a lot of pedals and start wrapping them around the flower and if you dont like the way you put it on there just take it off and put it back on in the way you want it

Step 8:

if you get to a point where you dont like the size of your flower just make more pedals and add them just DONT MAKE THEM AS YOU GO ALONG!!!!! never make them as you go along because if you are using your thumbs to rip the peices it will hurt after a while so making them all at once will help so when you put them on your thumb is getting a break

Step 9: Customize It

you can use any pattern and any colors to customize your flower for example i use 12 tye dye pieces then 12 chrome ones

Step 10:

now make pedals like you did before but with the color you used for the stem. now add them to the stem going up on to the flower so it looks nicer

Step 11: YOU ARE DONE!!!!

there it is. now your done these flowers make a good gift for a girlfriend or mom or whoever you want to give it to