Introduction: Duck Tape Wallet

Making a duck tape wallet is pretty easy all you need is duck tape and your hands or if you want it to be perfect you can use scissors or some other tool. In this tutorial I will use different colors of duck tape than the one on the front, the yellow and black one. It will be red and no logo but you can add on and use different colors. I will tell you also how to make pockets

Step 1:

Make a strip of tape that is 7 inches long

Step 2:

Make 3 more so you have a total of 4 strips

Step 3:

Overlap the tape by a little bit

Step 4:

Peal off duck tape and flip it over

Step 5:

Now Make 4 More Strips As The Same Size, 7 I will use black instead of red

Step 6:

Add a piece on the back of the red piece and make it so It is even with the first strip

Step 7:

Add another one and I think you get the poin

Step 8:

Now you have a square sheet

Step 9:

Fold it in half

Step 10:

Now make a strip the size of the short end

Step 11:

Split the strip in half

Step 12:

Now tape the edges closed on both sides

Step 13:

Now you are basically done but I will teach you how to make card holders and a I.D. Slot and a design

Step 14:

First the card holders you have to get out a card and measure it and make two strips a tint bi bigger than the card

Step 15:

Now tape the two strips together so their is no sticky

Step 16:

Now make two strips one as long as one side and one as long as the other

Step 17:

Now split the two prices in half

Step 18:

Now put a piece of tape on each side but the top

Step 19:

Now stick it on U can make more and put them on if u want

Step 20:

Now it's time for the I.D. So you will need some other supplies for card holders, scissors or an exacto knife

Step 21:

First cut one of the squares out

Step 22:

Now make sure that your card can fit in it and mine dose if not make another one

Step 23:

Now make more strips like the card holder

Step 24:

Add them on to your see through peice

Step 25:

Put it on

Step 26:

You are done now and if you want to learn how to make a logo tell me this in the comments and what I should make I will chose by a drawing of all your names thanks for viewing and please follow

Step 27:

One more thing here are some more of my own wallets the one with all the squares is a Rubik's cube wallet

Step 28:

I also have a huge wallet so here it is I will show u the inside and outside and once again please comment and follow me

Step 29: