Introduction: Duct Tape Bracelet

(This is a project by my 9 year old brother)

This is basically, well, a duct tape bracelet. I don't exactly know what else to say about it! It's just a creative little project.

Step 1: Make the Inner Cirlce

So, in this step, you're going to make the inner circle. Tear a piece of duct tape as long as you want (probably the size of your wrist :) ) and form it into a circle with the sticky side out (you could do it with the sticky side in but that would make it harder).

Step 2: Cover the Inner Circle

So, now you're going to cover the inner circle, just put the end of duct tape on the part that is on the outside of the circle and just roll it out as you need it like you're sealing a package until the circle is fully covered.

Step 3: Decorate It!

Now comes the fun part, you get to decorate it! You don't really need instructions for this step, because YOU get to get to do what YOU want!

I only have one suggestion: use Sharpies or colored duct tape, you could make it really cool by making it out of duct tape with a design on it. I've seen leopard skin duct tape, digital camo duct tape, and lots more!
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