Introduction: Duct Tape Game Cartridge Holder

This is a simple project that is very useful when it comes to versatility as this project can be modified to hold whatever you want! For example, SD cards, DS cartridges, Gameboy Cartridges, Etc. This project is also very lightweight and portable. Please go easy on me and keep in mind that I am just a kid and not a professional. I hope you enjoy this project.

Step 1: The Main Base

Take 2 strips of duct tape and lay them out so only the bottom centimeter overlaps with the top of the bottom trip. The strips should be twice the length you plan on the final product being. Next, fold the strips in half over each other so both sides are smooth and no adhesive is showing.

Step 2: Game Slots

To make the slots the games go into, first take a strip of duct tape a little bit longer than your base. Next fold it hotdog style almost in half with about a centimeter of adhesive showing on the bottom. Next, apply the adhesive lip to the bottom of the base. After that, you will want to wrap the overhang around the back of the base and secure it with some duct tape.

Step 3: Latch

Next, we will be making a latch to hold the cover on the cartridge holder. To make the cover, fold the top overhang down over the cartridges. Next, the fun part, designing a latch. Keep in mind you can get as creative as you want with this and any other aspects of this project. I just put a strip of duct tape across the bottom of the case and had another strip of feld over duct tape slide through it. You are now done making your very own game cartridge case!

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