Introduction: Duct Tape Glasses Case

All throughout this quarantine I have been wearing my glasses instead of the usual contacts that I wear in public. But my issue is that I don't have a specific case to put them inside, so they always end up getting misplaced or end up somewhere I can't find. So for this project I decided to make my own case so that my glasses will always have a spot to go when I take them off. I plan on making this case entirely out of duct tape. In this step by step instructable, I will show you the process it takes to make one of these for yourself!


  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Glasses
  • Ruler
  • Velcro (Optional)

Step 1: Measuring and Creating the Base

Use your ruler to measure your pair of glasses. You will make your base length 2 inches longer than the length of your glasses. You will make four strips of the same size with the bottom two pieces sticking to the front two.

Step 2: Making Front Pouch

Get another four strips of tape but this time, 2 inches less than the first step. Do the same process of sticking the two bottom pieces to the two top ones.

Step 3: Connecting the Two Pieces

Put the smaller 4 pieces of tape made in step 2 on top of the 4 pieces of tape made in step 1. Now get two more strips of tape about the same size as the ones in step 2. Then, using the two new strips of tape, put one halfway on each side. Fold the remaining half onto the other side.

Step 4: Making the Bottom

Now cut out another piece of tape, that matches the length of the bottom of the already connected pieces. Apply it on the bottom only half way and fold the other half on the other side.

Step 5: Applying Velcro

Get one set of Velcro then apply one part on the top flap of the case and attach the other part to the smaller pouch part.

Step 6: Putting Glasses in

Now the case is completed! Put your glasses in the open pouch and close it by connecting the velcro.