Duct Tape Hair Bow

Introduction: Duct Tape Hair Bow

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Step 1: You Will Need:

- Duct Tape ( 1 color) - Hair pin

Step 2: Step 1

Make 2 duct tape strips about an inch long. Place them on top of each other.

Step 3: Step 2

Make 1/2 an inch long of duct tape, then cut that strip in half. Next place the strip in the half of the 1 inch strip, wrapping it around completely.

Step 4: Step 3

Take the flat part of the hair pin and grab the other half of 1/2 inch duct tape. Place the sticky part on the flat part of the hair bow. Then with the sticky end of the tape sticking up, place it on the hair bow.

Step 5: Voila La

You're done!!

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    8 years ago

    Thank you Aqua12!!!

    aqua 12
    aqua 12

    9 years ago

    Really cool! I like the spongebob duct tape;)


    9 years ago

    If you have any questions, please mark below