Introduction: Duct Tape Hand Bag for Children

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This is a simple children's hand bag made with duct tape. This bag can be used for carrying flowers, toys, eatables and many other things children love to take with them.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • One inch wide adhesives tape rolls of green and blue colors
  • 2 inch wide black colored tape roll
  • Few tubes of Fevicol synthetic resin adhesive
  • Cotton cloth to be used as backing for adhesive tapes
  • Few pages from old magazine, also to be used as backing for adhesive tapes
  • Craft knife
  • Measuring scale
  • A pair of scissors

Step 2: Cotton Cloth Backing for Adhesive Tapes

The adhesive tapes I have used are not strong enough to make the bag. So, I have used cotton cloth as backing for the green colored tapes

  • Cut a piece of cotton cloth of 24 inches by 12 inches in size
  • Stick layers of green colored adhesive tapes lengthwise (about 28 inches long) over the cotton cloth
  • Trim edges of tapes on both ends of the cloth

Step 3: Cut Tapes

  • Using a pair of scissors, cut strips of tape with the backing lengthwise

Step 4: Fold the Cloth-Backed Tapes in Half

  • Fold the adhesive tape strips with the cloth backing in half
  • Apply synthetic resin adhesive and stick them together
  • Hang the tapes over a chair for drying

Step 5: Blue Colored Tapes With Paper Backing

I have tried paper backing for the blue colored adhesive tape

  • Lay the paper on a flat table and stick the blue colored tape lengthwise (About 20 inches long)
  • Cut the tape into one inch wide strips, fold them in half and stick with synthetic resin adhesive

Here you can see the green and blue duct tape strips ready for weaving

Step 6: Weaving the Base

  • Lay about 13 numbers of green colored tape strips on a flat surface
  • Start weaving from the center using the blue tape strips, alternating up / down between each strip
  • We need about 10 inch long blue tapes only whereas we made 20 inch long tapes. Trim them at the middle and use the trimmed strips to weave further to a total of 15 numbers

Step 7: Finish Edges

We have used 15 pieces of 1/2 inch wide blue colored tapes

  • Measure the length of blue colored portion and cut strips of green tape
  • Weave with 4 pieces of green tape on both sides as shown
  • Trim excess length on all sides and cover them with adhesive tape

Step 8: Fold the Edges

  • Fold the four corners of the extended portion to a triangle
  • Stick the edges together with adhesive tape and then cover the extended and the folded triangle portions with black colored tape

Step 9: Fold in Half

  • Now fold the finished mat in half as shown
  • Cover all the open ends at sides with adhesive tape

Step 10: Weave Top Portion

  • Extend the top portion with four more strips of blue colored tape
  • Bring the remaining portion of green colored tape to the top and stick them together
  • Trim edges of blue colored tape and cover the opening with adhesive tape

Step 11: Make Hand-hold

  • Using duct tape, cover the entire length of the top portion of remaining green colored tape to form a hand-hold

Step 12: Backing Inside the Bag

If you look inside the bag, you will find that there is not much gap between the sides. So we will provide backing at the bottom of the bag with rubber pieces. The bottom width of the bag is about 10 inches. So we will use 10 inch long piece with 1-1/2 inches wide and half an inch thick rubber piece at the bottom.

Step 13: Finished Bag

Now our Bag is finished in all respects. Children can use this bag for carrying their favorite things around

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