Introduction: Duct Tape Hat

A simple step by step on how to create a Duct Tape hat.

This is my first instructable =) Thanks to my friend who taught me how to do this.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

To make a duct tape hat you will need:

A hat you don't want anymore (sorry fans!)
A roll of duct tape
Scissors (optional)

Step 2: Wrap the Brim in Duct Tape

Pretty Easy, just wrap the hat's brim in duct tape.

You can use scissors to trim off the edges too.

Step 3: Wrap the Front and the Sides of the Hat in Duct Tape

First, you'll want to wrap the front, again pretty easy.

Second, Wrap both sides to the adjustable snap (plastic thing on back) You don't want to cover it, otherwise you won't be able to adjust it.

Step 4: Almost Finished!

Take a strip of duct tape and put in on the back.
Then do the same things on the front and sides.

Step 5: Final Touches

All you have to do now is cover up the rest of the hat with your duct tape.

Step 6: Finished!

You're done! Wear your hat with pride!