Introduction: Duct Tape Lounge Chair

I made this lounge chair from pine wood, broomsticks and duct tape. It's a sturdy lightweight chair that sits comfortably. The frame is made from pine wooden planks and the 2 sides are connected with broomsticks. The seat is made from woven duct tape which is connected to the frame by looping it around the broomsticks on the side.

Step 1: Needed Materials

8 wooden planks (60*800*22mm)

9 broomsticks (22* 1200mm)

100m of duct tape (5 cm wide)

needed machines


router or milling machine or jigsaw

table saw


Step 2: Making the Sides

milling the slots
I started with milling the slots where the duct tape will go trough later. The slots are 5 cm wide and 2 cm in between the slots. In the final version the seat has 6 slots on each side and the backrest has 9. I used milling machine to make the holes. If you don't have such expensive tools you can drill 2 holes and saw out the middle part or use a router.

cutting the tapers

All the planks have a taper to them, It’s only 1 or 2 degrees but i think aesthetically it makes a big difference. I used a table saw for this but you could also use a jigsaw.

making the half-lap joints

The back leg, seat and backrest are connected through a half-lap joint. I put the table saw in 11 mm in height thus cutting half way through the 22mm thick plank, repeating this on all three the parts. the front leg and arm rest are also connected to each other with this joint. After this the 2 parts are glued to each other.

drilling the holes

3 holes should be drilled where the stretchers will be put in. The easiest way to align the holes is to drill through both the sides at once using a table drill.

Step 3: Making the Stretchers

The 3 stretchers that are put in to the round holes are just cut to length. the 4 that are put in to the sloths should have the edges cut off as shown in the picture.
After this the whole thing can be glued together.

Step 4: Weaving the Ducttape

First the 4 pieces of broomstick have to be cut to hold the tape in place
I started by stikking the 2 sticky sides of the duct tape together, i stopped the tape from wrinkling by stretching it between two chairs. After this i put the tape through the slots in the chair leaving a loop where the broomstick can be inserted. Then i used another piece of duct tape to stick the tape to itself on the bottom, tensioning it when applying the tape to the second half. The same process goes for the vertical strips of tape.

Step 5: Enjoying the Result

grab a beer and sit back.

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