Introduction: Duct Tape Mini Tripod

This is an instructable on how to make a mini tripod for your phone.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-A hot glue gun & hot glue sticks

-A phone case that fits your phone (design doesn’t matter)

- duct tape (of course)

-an object that is a cylinder, length doesn’t matter, about 1.5cm diameter

- cardboard (not shown in the picture)

Step 2: Making the Legs

Wrap the duct tape around your cylinder object, the sticky side facing out. Once you get to the end of your object slide it along and then continue until your tune is 30cm long. Wrap the duct tape , sticky side in, going the other way twice. Do the same thing for the next two legs.

Step 3: Assembling the Legs

Cut the cardboard into a circle with a diameter of 6 cm. Hot glue the legs onto your cardboard circle.

Step 4: Putting on the Phone Case

Hot glue the phone case to the cardboard circle. Add a strip of cardboard about 2cm wide and about 6cm long. Put in your phone and you are done!

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