Introduction: Duct Tape Picture Frame

Ever need to construct a picture frame on a low budget? Try the Duct Tape Picture Frame.

All you need is:

(1) Roll of Duct Tape

(1) Ribbon or String

(2) 1/8'' x 10'' Wooden Rod

(2) 1/8'' x 10'' Wooden Rod

(1) Pair of Scissors

Let's begin!

Note : (1/8'' x 10 and 1/8'' x 13 for an 8.5'' x 11'' picture.)

Step 1: Step 1: Line Up the Rods

There are two lengths of wooden rod that you will use to make the skeletal structure of the frame before you add the duct tape.

- Place one rod of each length perpendicular so that the 13'' is lengthwise and the 11'' is horizontal. Repeat the action with the other two rods.

Tip: Mark where your rods intersect so that if they separate, you can easily put them back in their place.

Step 2: Step 2 Tape the Corners

- Cut off enough tape to cover the side of the frame.

Tip: Flip the frame upside down so that it doesn't stick to the surface

Step 3: Step 3 Folding the Corners

- After you've placed the tape, fold the in the corners so that the rods get wrapped together.

- Repeat with the opposite side

Tip: Cut the tape on the inside of the frame so that it can wrap around with ease.

Step 4: Step 4: Taping the Top and Bottom

- Take the roll of tape again and cut out a length that covers the top and bottom of the frame.

-Then place the tape on the sides of the frame, and repeat Step 3 so that the whole skeleton becomes wrapped in duct tape

Now you have the skeleton for the whole frame!

Tip: Just as with the sides, you can cut the tape on the inside so that it wraps to together easier.

Step 5: Step 5: Making the Back

With the skeleton completed, its time to make the back of the frame.

- Cut enough tape so that the tape exceeds the length of the skeleton.

- Place the tape so that the adhesive part of the tape is facing up.

- Wrap the edges of the tape against the outer side of the skeleton.

Repeat until the back of the frame is covered by the tape.

Step 6: Step 6 Finishing the Back

- Cut a strip of tape so that it will fit on the inside of the frame.

- Tape the inside of the frame so to that the adhesive sides of the tape are sticking to each other

- Repeat until the whole inside is covered.

Tip: Be vary careful when placing the adhesive parts against each other.

Step 7: Step 7 Picture Holder

- Take another strip of tape to cover the top and bottom of the frame.

- Have half the strip of tape attach, but then fold the tape against itself so it creates a small shelf.

-Do this step for both the bottom and the top of the frame.

Step 8: Step 8: the Ribbon

- Cut two holes at the top of the frame,equidistant from each other.

- Cut a enough ribbon so that it is long enough to extend around the frame.

- Thread the ribbon through the holes that you just cut.

Note: Use strong caution in using scissors to poke cut open those holes.

Step 9: Step 9 Sealing the Ribbon

- Take the ends of the ribbon and wrap them along the edges of the frame.

- Take a patch of tape and place it over the end of the ribbon.

Step 10: Step 10 Place Your Artwork and Admire!

-Take your piece of art and place it inside the frame.

The ribbons will help keep the top of the paper from falling, as well as become a nice place to hang the frame,while the bottom shelf will hold the paper upright.