Introduction: Duct Tape Purrrrses!

This project is made out of duct tape and hot glue. We made some of these for my classmates at Christmas. It was a really cool project and we had lots of fun making it. It is a fairly easy project for beginners.
I hope that you have fun making this!

Materials Needed:


  • I recommend using colored, printed or glitter duct tape for decoration.
  • Try to use thicker duct tape (like Gorilla Tape!) and not the papery type; it doesn't stick as well and isn't as durable.
  • For extra precision while cutting, you can use full-flush wire cutters like these.
  • High heat glue guns work best.
  • Half-marbles work well for the eyes and nose. We found a bag of ~50 for $0.99 at Value Village.

Step 1: Make Duct Tape "leather" Sheets

We're going to make a couple of duct tape / vinyl / duct tape sandwiches. They are kind of like leather in a normal purse.

  1. Cover one side of a vinyl sheet with duct tape. Overlap tape edges slightly, no more than 1/8"
  2. Repeat on other side of sheet

For the purrrrse in the picture, we made a black Gorilla Tape sheet for the back, and a pink Zebra Stripe Duck Tape sheet for the front and ears. We also made a sheet of blue/purple Leopard Print Duck Tape for the whiskers and insides of ears. Go with whatever colors you think will look best!

Step 2: Cut Out a Side

Cut out a nice purrrrse shape from one of the sheets. It may take a couple of tries to get it neat. If you mess one up, don't worry though, because you can trace the shape again on the messed up one, only a little bit smaller.

Step 3: Trace and Cut the Other Side

Using the side you just cut out as a stencil, trace the outline on another sheet.

Carefully cut out the shape on the other sheet.

If the sides don't match up exactly, use scissors or wire cutters to even the larger side out.

Step 4: Add Whiskers, Eyes and Ears

  1. Cut out some whiskers. I went with 6 - 3 on each side.
  2. Arrange eyes and nose in a triangle
  3. Arrange whiskers equally around nose
  4. Hot glue it all down.
  5. Cut out ears and inner ears
  6. Hot glue the ears to the back of the sheet

When gluing, err on the side of extra glue, otherwise they will fall off.

You can reinforce the ears with some extra tape on the back to hold them on.

Step 5: Join the Sides Together

Here you will join the sides with a strip of tape stuck to a wider strip of tape.

  1. Lay down a strip of tape long enough to go around the outside of the purse.
  2. Cut another strip of tape the same length
  3. Fold the 2nd strip of tape in thirds, the long way
  4. Stick the 2nd strip of tape to the first strip of tape, aligning in the middle

When you're finished, you should have roughly equal amounts of adhesive exposed on both sides of the strip in the center.

Now stick one of the sheets you cut to the exposed adhesive on the strip. The adhesive should stick to the "inside" of the sheet.

When you reach a corner, you'll need to cut the adhesive-exposed tape into little triangles, or pinch it very tightly to make the corner cleanly. Wire cutters are helpful for cutting the little triangles.

This process may take several tries. It's kind of difficult, especially the corners.

Step 6: Make a Strap

  1. Figure out how long of a strap you want.
  2. Tear a strip of tape about 4 inches longer than the strap length
  3. Fold the strip in thirds, the long way.

I used black Gorilla Tape for this. It looks like leather.

Tape the strap into the inside of the purrrrse. Add some hot glue afterwards to the junction between purrrrse and strap.

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