Introduction: Duct Tape Rods

This video should help give insight to making Duct Tape Rods. The size of rods are limited to how big of mouse pad you have and how far out you can spread your fingers.

Step 1: Making the Rods

Start by ripping a piece of duct tape off the width of you mouse pad. Lay it sticky side down, then starting at one end pick it up and pinch an eighth of an inch over on itself. Do this the whole length of the strip, pick up the strip and lay it back down gently getting all the creases out. Place both hands on with fingers spread out then push forward quickly. Next tear off another strip the width and carefully place your sticky rod on the edge. Give it a half roll and push down the edges, then finish pushing forward. I call this a standard rod. to make a 1 strip rod, cut your starting piece in half. Roll it and use the other half or use half of a colored strip like my Duct Tape Necklace.

Good Luck and Happy Making!