Introduction: Duct Tape Rose Pen

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I'm sorry I don't have step by step images, but I can describe what I did.

Look at the steps for more detail.

1. Take a cap pen and cover it with green duct tape

2. Take a 5x5 in square of red (or pink for petals) and take corners and fold like the first step in a paper airplane.

3. Stick it on the edge of the pen

4. Keep doing that for a long time to make it long and thick

5. Last, take a big strip of green duct tape and do the same folding as the red duct tape pieces but apply it at the starting of the rose.

6. Done! Enjoy!


Step 1: Take a Cap Pen and Cover It With Green Duct Tape

Cover the pen with a strip of duct tape length wise.

Step 2: Take a 5x5 in Square of Red (or Pink for Petals)

For the petals, use whatever color you what (I used red) and fold the corners on the top like the first step of a paper airplane

Step 3: Stick It on the Top Edge of the Pen

Stick the sticky part on the top edge of the pen.

Step 4: Keep Doing That for a Long Time to Make It Long and Thick

Make it long and thick so it looks nice. Notice how it is very bumpy. That's alright. You'll cover it up later.

Step 5: Last, Take a Big Strip of Green Duct Tape.

Take a big strip of green duct tape and fold the tops like the red squares you made earlier. Apply at the starting of the rose.

Step 6: Done! Enjoy!

You could give the pen as a gift for Mother's day or your mom's birthday or sister's birthday. Write this message if you want:

Mom, you make my heart BLOOM!


Sis, you make my heart BLOOM!