Introduction: Duct Tape Stickers

Duct tape is probably one of the best things ever invented. It's easy to use, durable, and sticks on to just about anything. But when you take a little more time and effort, you can use it to personalize your backpack, your laptop, or well, again, just about anything! These duct tape stickers are tough, and if you make them carefully, they look good, too! So read on, and learn how to make your own duct tape stickers.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. For the duct tape, you can use any two colors, but it might look better if you used contrasting colors.
2. For the pattern or template, you can use a printed picture, a drawn picture, anything you like that you don't mind cutting up.


1. For the craft knife, i used an X-Acto knife, but you can use any craft blade thats sharp enough.
2. Safety goggles should be used, because knives are very dangerous and your eyes are very important.
3. For the cutting board, I used a junked half cover of a binder, because its hard, and the plastic layer on the binder allows you to remove the duct tape without too much difficulty.
4. Scissors are optional because you won't use them very much besides for cutting out the pattern. You can always just use the craft knife instead. 
5. The Sharpie is for tracing your pattern on to the duct tape so you can cut it out.

Step 2: Template/ Picture

You can either draw your picture or you can print it, but for my example, I am using the instructables logo at the top of this website. Use your scissors/craft knife, and cut out the picture so you make a stencil that you trace onto the duct tape later on.

Step 3: Duct Tape

Duct Tape
Cut out two same length strips, one of each color, and stick them onto your cutting board. The length of your duct tape depends on how large your picture/pattern is, but at the end you can cut out what you don't need. If your picture is too big, try making it smaller and printing it again, or if you drew it, you can draw it smaller or scan it and resize it then print it again.

Step 4: Tracing the Cut-Out Picture

Place your cut-out picture on to the duct tape, and trace it with your Sharpie.

Step 5: Cutting the Picture Out of the Duct Tape

After tracing the picture on the duct tape, cut it out with your craft knife, but be careful! Try not to rip any parts of the duct tape, and be sure to wear your safety goggles. However, don't worry too much about the parts you are cutting out, because it's what is left, the stencil, that you are trying to save.

Step 6: Sticking the Stencil on to the Second Piece of Tape

After you are done cutting, clean away any stray bits and pieces that you don't need, and carefully remove it from the cutting surface. Align the stencil to the second piece of duct tape, and carefully stick it on.

note: If some small parts are still stuck to the cutting surface, carefully pry them up with your craft knife. Try not to rip anything, but dont panic if you do. You can always patch it up with another piece of tape.

Step 7: Clean Up?

After successfully (hopefully) combining the two pieces of duct tape, see if you are satisfied with your results. If you like how it looks already, good! But, it might be better if you cleaned it up a bit, and patched up some possible ripped parts. Now stick it onto some of your stuff, like your bags or laptops!
Hope you enjoyed my first instructable. Thanks for reading!

p.s.- The Instructables logo does not belong to me in any way. :I


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