Introduction: Duct Tape Wallet: Childhood Memory

When you were younger and your parents gave you $5, you wanted to make sure it was safe, and where you knew it would always be. You couldn't afford a wallet from the store, so you had to make one yourself. Do you remember making wallets out of Duct Tape? We do, and we want to recreate our favorite childhood memory.


You are going to need:

1. Duct Tape (any color(s) of your choice)

2. An X-Acto knife, or a strong pair of scissors

3. A ruler

4. Some kind of Non-stick mat (we used a plastic table place mat)

5. A credit card/gift card for measurements.

6. Flat surface

Step 1: Cut Eight Strips of Duct Tape, 9 Inches Long

Using your ruler and a pair of scissors, start off by pulling off a piece of duct tape from the roll, and laying it against a ruler. Cut off the piece of tape at 9 inches. Lay the piece of duct tape on the table sticky side up to the side.

Repeat this step until you have 8 strips of duct tape at the exact same length.

Step 2: Overlap 4 Pieces of Duct Tape

Lay 4 strips of duct tape sticky side up in front of you, evenly overlap the 4 pieces to each other. at 1/4 inch of each piece. If they are not aligned evenly, it's okay. You can trim the sides later, at the end.

Step 3: Laying Down the Other 4 Strips of Tape

We need to create a solid rectangle of tape, so you need to grab the other 4 pieces, and start piling them individually onto the other 4 strips of tape. Make sure you overlap them 1/4 inch. Leave 1/4 inch free by not overlapping on top.

It is going to look like this, when you are finished.

Step 4: Clean Up the Sides

Your creation is going to look a little messy at this point. Use the ruler to trim the sides evenly

Step 5: Fold the Sheet in Half

Once your sheet is all nice, even, and cleaned up, you now can fold it in half. Make sure to make the back side a little higher than the other. This will make your wallet close a lot more neatly.

Step 6: Closing Your Wallet

For your last and final step, you are going to need the duct tape again. Using the ruler, cut 2 pieces of tape, 4 inches long each. Your wallet should be folded in half at this point, grab one of your 4 inch pieces of tape, and on one end tape your wallet closed. Repeat this step for the other side.

Fold your masterpiece in half, and now you have a wallet!

Step 7: (Optional): Making Credit Card Holders

1. Tear off two 9 inch strips of duct tape, and stick them back-to-back. Cut this piece into two pieces that are each 4 inches wide.

Step 8: Making Credit Card Holders

Tear a strip of duct tape in half lengthwise to make trim for the top of these pockets. Fold the trim over the top of the pockets and trim off the extra.

Step 9: Assemble the Pockets

Lay the three pockets on top of each other, with the largest pocket on the bottom. The middle pocket won’t go all the way down to the bottom, and that’s okay.

Use a strip of tape torn in half lengthwise to attach them.

Step 10: Putting Together the Wallet

Then, fold the wallet in half and secure the ends with strips of tape that have been torn in half lengthwise. Trim off the extra.

Add a final strip of tape across the bottom of the wallet, and you’re done!