Introduction: Duct Tape Zig Zag Weave

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When making wallets and purses out of duct tape, I have always loved trying new pattern and different weaves. In this Instructable, I will show you how to make the zig zag weave.

Step 1: Video

I made a time lapse video of me making the whole wallet. Make sure to check it out!

Step 2: Pattern

I went ahead and drew up the pattern for this weave and made it a pdf. I find it the easiest to have the pattern next to you when you are weaving because you can cross off the sections you have already weaved.

Step 3:


~ Duct Tape

~ Scissors

~X-acto Knife

~Clear Tape

~ Cutting Board

~ Ruler

Step 4:

Start my making the strips you are going to weave.

I cut 11 strips that were 3/4 inch by 9 inches and 27 strips that were 3/4 inch by 4 1/2 inches. I folded one end of the duct tape half way up, then folded the other side down creating two rounded edge. Repeat this step on all the the strips.

Step 5:

Tape all of the long strips next to each other. Stop when you make a rectangle with dimensions of 3 inches by 9 inches.

Step 6:

Start weaving the strips. Use the pattern I made as a guide.

Step 7:

Add clear tape over the design and cut off the extra duct tape. After this, you can make this into anything you want. I made mine into a wallet, but you could change the dimensions and turn it into a purse or a bracelet!

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