Introduction: Duct-tape Cooling Bag

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Hi I'm Rik this is my first tutorial, I hope you like it.

Making it will take around 2 hours max. And it will cost around 3 euro.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

First you wil need to get the following materials:

-1 roll duct-tape ( maybe more depends on how big your bag wil be).

-Isolation foam (size depends on how big your bag wil be).

and you will need to get:

- some scissors

- a bottle

- a cooling element

Step 2: The Bottom

To get started we will first have to cut of a strip of tape. Again,

the size depends on the size of your cooling element and the bottle together.

Then cut of between 4 or 5 sections of tape and fold them schut.

then you will need to tape them together at the top.

To start weaving you will need to cut 4 or 5 more strips with the same length as the other ones.

Weaving is very simple, just take the strips you just taped together

and start by laying half of the strips to the left and the rest to the right. (see the picture)

Then swap the strips (left will go on right and vice versa)

continue doing this until you have a square. To finish the bottom cut the bottom in to a circle and

tape the sides. Congrats, you have finished the bottom!

Step 3: Sides (part One)

Now the bottom is done, we can start with the sides.

To begin, start making tape strips as long as the bottle (maybe a bit longer if you want a taller bag).

Then tape them evenly spaced around the bottom.

Step 4: Isolating the Botom

To make the isolating easier we isolate the bottom first.

Take the isolating foam and cut a circle the same size as the bottom, then tape it to the bottom.

Step 5: Sides (part Two)

This is the hard part.

Cut a strip at around 30 cm to start. and tape it to the underside of one of the side strips.

Now start weaving the sides, to do this take the long strip

and start with weaving it over and under.

When the long one almost ends you will need to make an new one and tape them together.

If the bag reached your desired height tape the top together (as shown in the picture).

Step 6: Isolating

The isolating is very easy, grab the isolating foam and cut of at the same height as the bag.

turn the bag inside out and tape the foam in place. When you're done turn it back with the right side out.

pro tip:

if there are small seems at the bottom, try putting a piece of foam on the tape and then just tape over the seem

Step 7: Lid

To make the lid, take the insulating foam and cut an square as big as the top of the bag.

Put tape on the foam to make it more sturdy. then tape it to the backside of the bag.

to keep it closed I just used an smal piece of tape.(see picture at the top of the page)

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