Introduction: Duct-tape Flower

Here you will learn to make a flower out of duct-tape. You should ask a parent/guardian for help with scissors if you are under 10

Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather scissors, duct-tape, a sharpie (or marker) and a ruler. Green pipe cleaners are optional.

Step 2: Cutting Petals

First measure six inches of duct tape from the main color that you want your flower to be. You should have a color for outer petals (main color), inner petals and leaves. Any of these could be the same depending on what materials you have or how you would like your flower to look. Next, draw the line on the tape where it is six inches in length and then cut with your scissors. Fold this piece in half (long ways) sticking the sticky sides together. Then fold the piece in half again (long ways). Then cut half of a petal shape out of the folded side of that. Repeat up to the folding for the next three. Before cutting, fold the finished petal and draw a sharpie outline so that you can use this to cut the next petal. Repeat until you have a total of four petals.

Step 3: Inner Petals

Choose a new color of duct tape (optional) for the inner petals. Repeat the exact steps from the outer petals, but cut the tape to be three inches rather than six.

Step 4: Leaves

Now choose a new color (green recommended) and repeat the steps up until the cutting just like the petals, except make the length four inches. When cutting, make the shape of the leaves more pointy than that of the petals. You will need to make four leaves.

Step 5: Putting the Petals Together

First put the four outer petals in four different directions (like North, South, East, and West). Then tape the tips of them with a small square of any color tape. Roll up a small piece of tape so that the sticky side is out on all sides. Place this on the square of tape that you had just put in the center of the petals Next, the inner petals. Place one on each outer petal then tape the center with a small square again. This time cut a circle of tape the same color as the outer petal or at least a different color thatn the inner petal and place it over the square.

Step 6: Adding the Leaves

Flip the flower over. Place tape on the overlap of each of the petals on the back. Now place the leaves on each one and there’s your flower!

Step 7: Adding a Stem (optional)

Take one pipe cleaner. Fold it in half and twist the two halves together. Go to the open end. Pull down a bit of either side of the pipe cleaner and fold it down. Then pull each of those down a bit so that they are perpendicular to the rest of the pipe cleaner. Then, put two pieces of rolled up tape and place them in on either side of the center of the back of the flower. Now stick each side of the pipe cleaner that’s sticking out to each piece of tape.