Duct Tape and Storage Bag Binder Pencil Pocket




Introduction: Duct Tape and Storage Bag Binder Pencil Pocket

You will need:

One gallon sized slider style storage bag

Duct tape in desired print or color

Plastic cutting mat optional (helps to cut the duct tape)

Ruler, marker, scissors

Three-hole punch or regular hole punch

1. Measure and cut 3 inches off the bottom edge of the storage bag.  Discard the cut off piece.

2. Measure and cut 5 pieces of duct tape to 10 ½” each.

3. Starting at the upper edge attach a 10 ½” piece of duct tape over the plastic of the bag and across. Press to adhere.  Repeat with three more pieces of duct tape overlapping just a bit where the edges meet to cover the bag. Overlap the bottom edge of the final piece and press to the opposite side.

4. Turn over to cover the other side.  Cut 4 pieces of duct tape to 12” each.  Start as you did on the first side except fold the extra length on each side (about ½” on each side) to the back. (Already covered side) 

5. When you have completely covered the bag, you will need to reinforce the sides and bottom edge.  To do this cut 2 pieces of duct tape 7 ¾” each.  Press half the tape on one side covering any uneven edges and turn the excess to the opposite side.  Repeat on the other end.  For the bottom, cut another piece of duct tape 10 ½” and attach part to one side and fold the rest to the other side. (Bottom reinforced)

6. Use a three-hole punch to make holes for the loose-leaf binder along the bottom edge.  If you do not have a three-hole punch, use a piece of loose-leaf paper to trace where the holes should be and punch with a regular hole punch.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Im sure it would be just as easy to cover the ziploc bag in duck tape then three hole punch it but great instructable!

    __________________________ Lyssa Luvs y0u


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea! I would have never thought to do this with a ziploc bag.