Introduction: Duct-tape Rain Proof Jacket With Accesories.

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This jacket is water proof. Took a little over two weeks to make, about an hour each day. Also took lots and lots of duct tape and is made entirely of it. Tip to not wasting duct tape is dont do it outside where it is subject to wind and bumble bee's. :D

Materials and tools needed: Duct tape, plastic table, scissors, measuring tape, the will to not stop. 

Step 1: Make the Sides of the Jacket.

Lay long strip of duct tape adhesive down, on smooth plastic table. Lay more strips edge over edge so it makes a sheet on the plastic table. Peel sheet up and lay it adhesive up. Cover it with another sheet adhesive on adhesive. Make sure sheet is big and can cover your side from your waist, up to your shoulders. Repeat the process for making the other side of the jacket.

Tip: Measuring tape would be usefull.

Step 2: Making the Back of the Jacket.

Make another sheet. This time your going to make it nearly five times as wide as the ones for your sides, just to be safe. Also make this high enough to reach from your waist to your shoulders.

Tip: The measuring tape will be usefull here. 

Step 3: Connect the Pieces.

Dont worry, though you are connecting the pieces now, you will add the sleeves later.
Lay the sheets of duct tape that you made in a row face down, left side sheet on the left, back sheet in the middle, and right side sheet on the right. connect the left and middle sheets first by lining them up together and laying many strips of duct tape across them for a seam. Hold it on your back and make sure it covers your whole left side of your upper body, and your back, all the way up to your shoulders. If it reaches all the way to the right side of your body, then its ok and move onto next step. If it does not reach then make it wider by making another smaller sheet and laying it over it. Connect these.

Step 4: Add the Right Side.

After you make sure your sheets reach across your back. Connect the right side sheet, the same as you connected the left side.
Flip over the connected sheets and cover the seams with duct tape where you connected the pieces. It should now look like one BIG sheet.

Step 5: Make the Sleeves.

Make yet another sheet of duct tape, reaching from the length of your shoulder, all the way down to your arm. Make it about 3 times as wide as your arm normaly is.
This step is important because when you wrap it around your arm, the width will get smaller and tighter.
with the sheet flat on the table, lay a strip of duct tape adhesive down, on the edge of the sheet so that only half is actualy stuck to it. carefuly bend the sheet into a tube and stick the other half of the strip of duct tape, to the inside of the other side of the sheet. This will make a tube held together from the inside.
Make sure your arm fits into the tube. If not, make the sheet wider and repeat the process.

Step 6: Finish the Sleeve.

Once your sure your arm fits inside the tube, cover the top seam where you connected it from the inside, so that the sleeve is stronger, and has no cracks or slits down the middle any more.
Tip: you may want to wrap duct-tape around the body of the tube a few times to ensure that it wont come apart on you.
You are now finished with the arm. Make the other arm by going back to step 5 and repeating the process. 

Step 7: Add the Sleeves.

Find the spots on the BIG sheet you made earlyer that would be most comfortable for an arm, and cut wholes in the sides sheets where you will attach the sleeves. Make sure the wholes are big enough to fit your arm in easily.
Once the wholes are cut, take one sleeve and set it up against the whole in the side sheet of the BIG sheet. take more strips of duct tape and connect the sleeve to the side sheet of the BIG sheet, from the inside. Once sleeve is firmly in place, add more strips connecting the sleeve to the side sheet of the BIG sheet, from the ouside.
Make sure there isnt any adhesive sticking out anywhere. If there is adhesive showing, cover it with more duct-tape.
Repeat this process for connecting the other sleeve to the other side of the jacket.

Step 8: Make the Shoulders.

You now have the sleeves connected to the BIG sheet which includes the back and sides of the jacket.
This next part can be a little tricky. Put on the jacket, and put a strip of duct dapt, going from the edge of the sleeve, up over your shoulder and across your back.

Tip: having someone put this stip in place for you would be alot easier. Though i am proud to say i had absolutely no help with this.

take off the jacket and cover the adhesive with another strip of duct tape so it is adhesive on adhesive. now make the rest of the shoulder going from that first strap, to the very edge of your shoulder so its duct-tape all the way. Make sure the inside is covered too. This isnt just an important step but also makes the jacket more comfortable.
Repeat this process for the other shoulder and there you go. A DUCT-TAPE JACKET :D.

Step 9: Now for the Shoes. :D Its Accesory Time :D

These shoes are more like slippers, and are very hard to keep on.
Make a small sheet just a little bigger than the width and length of your foot.
Make another sheet only half that size.
Connect the sheets at the ends, and lay the smaller sheet over the top.
Connect the sheets at the sides.
Tip: making the shoes tight makes it harder for the them to fall off. :D
Also. Keep in mind the shoes are very easy.

Step 10: Now Make a Cane. :D.

Do I even have to explain this one?
Take a thin wooden stick, and cover it with duct tape.
Tip: watch out for bumble bees :D

Step 11: Now for the Last Item... the Hat.

Make yet another sheet. Dont worry, this is the last one.
Make it about 5 to 6 inches wide, and long enough to reach around your head with some exess.
Wrap the sheet around your head loosely and over lap the exess.
Take some strips of duct-tape and wrap them around from the inside of the hat, to the outside, and all the way around.
It apears i have lied and you now have to make just ONE MORE SHEET. sorry for that little inconveniance.
Make another sheet that is bigger that the area of the first part of the hat that you just made. make it round using your scissors, but not to small. make sure it still sticks out at least an inch from the inner part of the hat.
Lay the sheet on top of the band thing you just made, and draw an outline on the sheet, of the area of the hat. which would be right on the edge of the circle band thing.
Cut out the circle you just drew and connect it to the top of the band thing. So now its just basicaly a bowl with a flat bottom.

Step 12: The Rim of the Hat.

When you cut out the circle to form the top of the hat, all the exess from that sheet needs to be repaired so that it is now like a giant flat donut.
lay the already put together hat, inside the ring. It should fit perfectly, or almost perfectly for that matter.
Now connect the rim to the sides of the hat, using many more strips of duct tape. Make sure there is no adhesive sticking out from anywhere on the whole suit.
If there is any sticky spots, cover them with more duct-tape.

Step 13: COLOR TIME :D

If you havnt used color duct-tape, then make the suit more colorful and exiting by buying colored duct-tape, and making designs, or colorfull stipes or something just to make the jacket look cooler.
Cut off any exess you would like to, without ruining the jacket. You could also make the jacket longer if you wanted by simply adding another sheet to the bottom.

I also made many gloves to go with this suit but those were really hard to make, and would be even harder to explain. So just forget the gloves, have a nice day, and WATCH OUT FOR BUMBLE BEES :D

Bumble bees were harmed in the making of this suit...          :D

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