Introduction: Dust Extractor From Bathroom Exhaust Fan Super Cheap

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Have you ever wanted a quality dust extractor? which works so well that no clean up is needed from thicknesser well today my friends your in luck because im going to show you how i made my dust extractor from trash which can surely compete with the £100+ dust extractors on the market and i made it relay cheap (relay cheap)

Step 1: Materials

the extractor needs minimal materials which you might have lying around the home exept from one which is the inline fan which i brought from eBay for £5 from a person who had no need for it, i even managed to use an old box of celebrations (tasty)

  1. £5 Inline duct fan my one is 315mm which is one of the largest which is proberly why its such a good hover, these are found in bathrooms and the ducting of your house
  2. free dustbin this one is 70 letters
  3. £3 PVC ducting hose 100mm x 3m i would reckon mend them clear plastic hoses because they are stronger but much more expensive
  4. £2.80 Round Ducting Reducer you'll need 2 sizes 125-100mm & 150-120MM (PRICE INCLUDES 2)
  5. £2.80 PVCRound Pipe 100mm x 350mm (PRICE INCLUDES TWO)
  6. Free round lid this will alow to reduce the intake enoth for you to fit the pipe

total price £13.60

Step 2: Step 1: Reducing Size to Fit 100mm Hose

you now want to get your plastic (HDPE) chocolate lid the HDPE bit is not important its just what plastic it is, so you want to cut a 150mm hole in the lid to fit your round ducting reduces.

you want to put the PVC piped reducers in the hole you made on the quality street lid and seal it and adhere it with hot glue wait for it to dry this is pretty much the the dust extoctor but there is still a couple mopre things to doo

Step 3:

now we are going to make the big dust collector bin, you will use both of your 100mm pipe for this step and put one though the lid of the dust bin and glue it,

on the second one cut a angle i did 45 degrees and cut a hole in the side of the bin i used a Stanley knife and glue and attach hose, then place the fan on top and your done ready to such up all the waste, sorry for not many photos my phone broke ,

Step 4: Reconmendations

after lots of use , i highly rekon mend an hepa filter

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